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Monday 28th June, 2021

Do you know how many harmful chemicals lurk in your home?

Do you know what impact they may be having on your health and your family's health?

There is so much overwhelming information out there.  So much jargon and conflicting information - you don't know where to start in reducing chemicals. 

Wish someone would make it simple and show you how easy it is to make lasting changes for a safer, 'cleaner' home?


All of the tips, swaps, recipes and expert advice you need to take your home from a toxic place to a healthy space.

Brought to you by...

Sarah Farley.  An educator, natural skin care curator and natural solutions specialist. She is a mother of twins and is passionate about passing on generations of tried and tested holistic recipes and remedies to other mums who are ready to create a healthier environment for themselves,  their children and their family.  

Sarah's Low Tox journey started when her mum died of secondary breast cancer in 2011.  Sarah decided that she would take a more preventative approach to her own health and wellness, not only to reduce her chances of getting the disease but also to ensure her body is as strong as it can be to deal with anything life throws at it.  

Sarah strongly believes that knowledge is the key to being in control of your own health and wellness, which is why Journey to Low Tox was born - to educate and provide as many people as possible with easy and lasting swaps, recipes and ideas to keep your family happy, healthy and vibrant. 

Nishtha Patel.  A clinical nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner but above all, a mother who changed career in her 40’s because her child was suddenly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that was not improving with medication.


Through her training she learnt that diet, toxins and environment may be huge drivers for autoimmune diseases of all sorts.

She runs her own successful clinics in Harley St and also has seen hundreds of patients at The London Clinic of nutrition. She is now head practitioner at Crohn's colitis lifestyle and lead nutritionist at the new integrated mental health clinic in London, all her clinics deal with root cause medicine.


She strongly believes  you are not just what you eat, you are also what you absorb!! This is why she is passionate to teach people along with Sarah about theJourney to Low Tox.

What can I expect from the masterclass?

  • 90 minutes of expert advice, all taking place via Zoom.

  • A quiz to identify your toxic load. 

  • Helpful strategies to reduce the most toxic chemicals in your home.

  • Identification of the most harmful chemicals and where to find them.

  • Easy product swaps.

  • DIY recipes. 

  • Helpful resources.

  • Handy ingredients list.

  • Q&A session


This masterclass is for you if...

You care about your family health and wellness.

You want to make your home a safer place to live.

You want to reduce the number of toxic chemicals you expose yourself to on a daily basis.

You are interested in natural solutions and the health benefits they bring.

You want expert advice and support to make lasting changes. 

You or a family member has eczema, asthma, autoimmune and you are keen to reduce these with a natural approach. 


When is the masterclass?

Monday 28th June @ 8pm

What if I can't make the live?

Don't worry, providing you have secured your place during our launch period, you will be sent all links and resources to complete at a time that is convenient for you. 

How much will the masterclass be?

£27.99 for our early bird offer, £34.99 thereafter.

I really like the sound of the Masterclass 
but I'm not sure it's 
for me. Help!

Don't worry, we're more than happy to talk you through your thoughts and feelings on this.  Simply email us: and we can help you unpick this. 

How will the masterclass be delivered?

The Journey to Low Tox Masterclass will take place via Zoom.  A link will be sent out to you once we receive payment for the class.  Please note, the waitlist does not mean you have secured your space.  We will be launching on the 21st June, in which time you will have 5 days to sign up.  Make sure you look out for early bird offers!

I've completed the masterclass but still want more help.  What next?

Don't worry, we know that making big changes in your home is a daunting task, which is why we have created our Journey to Low Tox Membership.  Every week we will focus on a new aspect of chemical free living on our easy to use membership platform.  You will have our input on a weekly basis, showing you how to implement specific strategies and be part of a Facebook support group - a community where you can share ideas, ask questions and have direct access to Nishtha and I, whenever you may need us.