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Curious about who we are and what we do?  Here's the story so far...

Hi, I'm Sarah, founder of Natural Discovery and I'd like to personally welcome you here. 

I started Natural Discovery because I wanted to make it easy for you find trusted and safe alternatives to products that you use every day.  To build your confidence when searching for non-toxic products so that you have more choice and control when choosing products for you and your family.

I'm originally from Yorkshire but have lived here in Essex, with my family and small menagerie of animals, for the best part of 16 years - don't worry, my northern accent is still going strong!

There's nothing I love more than researching the latest and the best natural and non-toxic products for myself and my family - and now for YOU!  
Here at Natural Discovery, we are passionate about natural products.  

We have made it our mission to champion incredible brands who put people and the planet at the heart of what they do.  From big accredited brands to small local curators, they all have one thing in common - transparency in the ingredients they use.  

We think it's important to share the love of natural products [and teach a little bit about standard, more toxic products along the way!], to help you feel more confident when choosing incredible natural products that will truly support your health.  
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Natural Discovery began in the year following the birth of my twins, Anya and Oscar, when I began taking an even greater interest in the products I was using in their direct environment - and of course, my own. 

Initially, I found the messaging and information put out by large, convenient brands, totally confusing and overwhelming, making it difficult to find products that not only I could trust, but ones that were also safe for my family.  

I noticed other people around me taking an interest in more natural products too, becoming more conscious about ingredients they were using on a daily basis. When they started coming to me for advice, I knew I had to help.  

And so, the quest to find incredible, safe and honest brands and share that with others, began. 
Now, Natural Discovery Box goes out every month to a fantastic community of subscribers who all want to find incredible natural products for themselves and their homes that they love and that work as well as the leading standard brands. 

Natural Discovery Box is all about finding those solutions for you - all you need to do is open your box and enjoy them!  So come and start your natural discovery today. 


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Natural Discovery Box